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Major Industrial Sectors
Gas & Petroleum

The largest gas grid will generate opportunities for transmission and distribution of natural gas to domestic and industrial users. Three LNG terminals coming up in the state will provide the fuel for growth. Refineries and petrochemical complexes in operation, invites investment in downstream projects

Excellent opportunities of investment in tourism infrastructure like beaches, highways, safaris, pilgrim locations, heritage, marine, water sports, parks and hotels.

Minerals & Mining

Minerals like Bauxite, China Clay, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Lignite, Quartz provide rich mine of wealth-ready for commercial exploitation.

Port Infrastructure

With the longest coastline of 1600 km in the country, dotted with 41 ports and housing India's privately owned commercial ports - Pipavav and Mundra, Gujarat services one third of the country's geographical area and its people. Gujarat throws open the world of sea to you.

Road Infrastructure

With excellent road network exceeding 74,000 km already on the ground, private participation for further development of roads can just be the route to success.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Well developed R&D facilities and network of institutions providing scope in medical, agricultural, environmental and industrial biotechnology. With 45% share of India's pharma business, Gujarat provides right prescription for investment.

Agro & Food Processing

Leading producer of isabgol, castor, fennel, seeds, cumin, groundnut, cotton, mangoes, sapota, Gujarat provides trade opportunities to reap rich dividends.

accounts for more than 30% of the industrial production and 40 % of the employment. There are 92 composite mills,52 spining units and over 6,00,000 power looms in Gujarat.A wide variety of textiles is manufactured by these units to meet the ever growing demand. Investment opportunity in this sectors exists for setting up of units for morden ring spinning and open-end spinning,weaving with high speed looms and shuttel-less technology,morden process houses with technology of minimum pollution and low energy cost, knitwear/readymade garments etc.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Chemicals & Petrochemicals are other areas offering tremendous scope. Gujarat over the years has transformed into a chemical state from the erstwhile dominance of textiles. With 25% of the production share in India, the chemical industry of Gujarat comprises of organic and inorganic chemicals,dyes,pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, detergents and rubber chemicals,offering immense opportunities for profitable ventures. The discovery of oil and gas in Gujarat have opened up new vistas of opportunities in the downstream plastic processing industries.

Engineering Industries
supply plant and machinery and therefore are the backbone of industrial development in Gujarat. Ship-breaking is another important area, which has grown by leaps and bounds over last two decades. Scope also exists for establishment of engineering ancillaries.

Information Technology

and enabled services hold promise, as they have won acceptance and have come to stay. Infocities are planned at different locations. A special IT policy has been announced. In addition, a tailor-made incentive scheme suiting to the specific requirements of IT industry is also in place.


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